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Digital Therapeutics Built on AI.

Nicotrax is a healthcare company at the forefront of treating and preventing dependence and addiction with predictive, behavioral analytics and powerful AI.

About Nicotrax

Nicotrax is a digital health organization headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. We are focused on creating data-driven, customized, and scalable software programs to better treat addiction. Our vision is to apply predictive, behavioral analytics, powerful AI, and a seamless user experience to treatments for a variety of additional diseases and conditions. By distributing a simplified and intelligent system to users, we believe that we can make a major impact within the field of preventative care. Our first product is focused on helping users quit smoking tobacco.

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Our Mission

Nicotrax seeks to help our users achieve their goal of quitting smoking and living a healthy, nicotine-free lifestyle. Our program combines the most effective clinical treatments into one simplified, digital quit program, customized for each user.

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